I’ve recently learned about the #MyDeskStory campaign and I love it! Office furniture & home office furniture company Furniture at Work has also released an awesome infographic which shows what people from around the world keep on their desks. I find this fascinating.

For example, a merchandise manager in Hong Kong keeps a picture of his mother who was scammed when she visited him. A freelance digital marketer in the UK keeps a sword on his desk because he loves the heritage and it reminds him of a trip with 12 of his best friends where they all bought the same swords. And a logo designer in Romania has a lovely violin which connects him to his grandfather who loved playing.

We’re at our desks for such a long time each day, it simply makes sense that we surround ourselves with meaningful things that make us happy. For me, I have some photos that remind me of travel, a few guide books from Southeast Asia, a candle that helps me feel refreshed and motivated when I light it mid-afternoon, and a bowl of candy.

On the back of my desk chair, I keep a Guatemalan rug which I use when I feel cold. It also reminds me of my travels in the region. I also have a Guatemalan chess set which is made of marble and has Mayan chess pieces which I love.

One thing I noticed with this campaign is the sheer variety of objects people keep on their desks. These include everything from musical instruments to toys, cameras, photos, and framed pages from books. While you could look at any of these items and think they’re just decorations, all of them have sentimental value to their owners.

What’s on your desk right now? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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