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Guide On How To Sell A Business

People choose to sell their business and companies for many reasons : illness, lack of time dedicated to it, other personal or economic reasons. When decided, knowing how to sell it is a crucial part. Luckily, if you aren’t sure about the whole process, the best advice is to sell your business with BCMS or similar advisors

How can you use visual merchandising to boost sales?

Unfortunately for some high street stores, operating in the retail industry is testing. But with the right approach, retail chains can weather the storm. One such approach that can help boost sales and bring in customers is all about visual merchandising. Visuals are key to catching the eye of a potential customer and coaxing them

Customer loyalty: a dying concept?

The retail world has rapidly expanded in the advent of the digital age, and customers have more choice than ever before. But with more choice comes more competition, and a shift in focus for consumers. where brand loyalty was once a deciding factor, customers are now more concerned with price and quality, regardless of the