Four traditional business ideas that can still work today

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Thinking of starting up a new business and at a loss for ideas? Are you looking for lucrative business ideas that have been tried, tested and have withstood the passage of time? Here are four traditional business ideas that might be worth giving a go.


Soap manufacturing

As far back as the Babylonian and Grecian empires, we can find evidence of soap manufacturing as a business. Back then, the making of soap constituted of mixing two key ingredients, an animal or vegetable fat, and an alkaline substance like hot ashes.
This has barely changed over the centuries as a process. Nowadays soap makers prefer to use lye as the alkali and use a process that requires no heat (known as cold process). However, some manufacturers still use the hot process of making soap that was used thousands of years ago. Today, we have liquid soaps, beauty soaps, and detergents to name a few.

These are all derivatives of the basic soap with one or two ingredients like dye, preservatives and fragrance added to change the colour, texture and scent and ultimately the final purpose of the product. With as little as £2000 in capital and the right idea, you can set up your own soap making business. With the right guidance, you will make your profit in record time


Barber Shop
The old school barber shops have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last decade. You can hardly walk down any street in a UK city without finding at least one of these boutiques. The future looks bright for barbers, and now is the time to get involved in the industry. If you’re thinking of opening a barbing salon the first thing you need to do after you’ve raised the appropriate capital, is to find a strategic location where you have little or no competition. The second would be to hire the services of good professional barbers who can help you build a solid reputation.

The third would be to make your salon as authentic and close to the original idea of a traditional barbing salon as possible. From here you can work to build a dedicated client base. As with any type of business, there is risk involved operating a barber shop. Be sure to keep you hard work protected with a business insurance plan for your own peace of mind.


Publishing houses
Even though it seems many publishers are gravitating towards newer innovations such as e-books and e-learning, a lot of people will tell you that there is no feeling like the texture of a paperback book in your hands or the rustling sounds of a newspaper. This sentiment is compounded by an increase in revenue generation of 7% from previous year within the UK publishing industry. Investing in a publishing house is likely to be capital intensive, but has the potential to be a rewarding venture. As long as there are classrooms and students, people will always buy books.


Fashion Business
Within this dynamic industry where the fashion rules are fluid, one basic fact remains; Fashion is about turning products around on a very tight timeline. If you think you have the right business acumen to be able to work in this fast-paced environment, you should do some research into how you can invest in an up and coming designer. There are loads of opportunities within the world of fashion, and how you choose to get involved is up to you.

There are many different types of business venture out there to suit people with all types of skills. With the right niche and dedication, you can work to build your idea into a profitable reality.



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