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Should we support local businesses?

It’s well documented that the influx of large business empires, like supermarkets, can have an impact of the high street – though that’s not to say that local shops can’t thrive. Here, Flogas, who offer gas for business use, take a look at why it’s a good thing to support local businesses. Supporting the overall

Why You Need a Business Loan

Spreading the word that you’re in the market for a business loan can be met with all types of opinions. From cautionary anecdotes to general naysayers, everyone you talk to about it will have a story about what can happen if you proceed with it. Yes, it’s true that not all reasons for taking out

3 Things Every Commercial Business Needs

Are you the owner or manager of a commercial business? Then chances are you’re going to want to think about whether you have these four things that are – in my opinion – essential for operating a successful commercial business. 1. Good Infrastructure You don’t want to skimp on infrastructure, this is going to be