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Do you keep a tab of how much money you’re spending each month on running your home? You might be surprised by how much it really is. Life can be expensive, especially if you have a partner and a few children in the picture. There are some smart ways hat you can save money around your home without compromising your quality of life. Here are my top 4 tips for saving money around your home.

1. Grow Your Own Food
It might sound crazy and a little difficult, but it’s becoming very trendy to start growing some of your own fruits and vegetables. Not only is it an excellent way to save money, but it is also a wonderful way to know what’s really in the foods you’re eating. Too many foods are covered in chemicals that aren’t good for us, and so growing your own at home gets rid of this issue. It might feel overwhelming getting started growing your own produce, but there are many ways to make it easier than ever. For example, with an you can easily grow vegetables at home even if you don’t have a ton of spare space.

2. Get Into Solar Power
Chances are your electricity bills is one of the bigger expenses you regularly get each month. There are a few ways around this, one of the most popular ones being solar power. You can choose to invest in an entire solar panel system which can power your entire home, or you can instead choose to focus on an aspect of your home, such as a solar water pump or even a combination of both. Take a look here for more options:

3. Make a Budget
Having a budget is one of the most helpful ways to save money on your household expenses. Knowing how much you have to spend on each area of your life can make a big difference in helping to moderate your spending. I suggest tracking your spending for a month or two before hand to see what you usually spend, and then taking some time to analyse everything to see where you can reduce costs. If you have some lofty savings goals, you might find it important to cut down on eating out or entertainment expenses so you have more money for your savings goals.

4. Try a Spending Ban
I’ve put myself on a spending ban for the month of May. Obviously I’m not that extreme: I’ll still be buying groceries, putting gas in my car and paying all my usual bills, but I wont be doing any shopping that’s unnecessary. No buying new clothes, no big weekends out on the town spending hundreds on drinks. I personally find a month-long spending ban to be a great way to cut down on spending so I have an extra boost to my savings account. The momentum helps me keep going when life gets busier and my goal feels far away!

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