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It can be hard to decide whether it’s worth going into a shop to buy things, or it’s better to look online. I personally love shopping online because it means I can’t really get distracted by other things in store and end up walking out with so much more than I expected and with a bill that’s considerably larger. Sometimes you can get better deals in store, but for the most part there are plenty of things that are better value ordering online. Here are my top 4 favourite things to order online.

1. Electronics
I feel so overwhelmed being in a store looking at electronics. I feel that there’s not as much information available in store for big ticket items. While obviously you can talk to a sales assistant to find out the information, I prefer being able to compare options on my computer while looking up reviews for the product too. This gives me the confidence that I’m making the best decision possible and I find it so much easier this way than desperately trying to Google things on my cellphone in the store while the assistant tries to make a sale. Often electronics are cheaper online, or at least come with free delivery, due to the fact online stores have considerably lower overheads resulting in great discounts for you – the customer. Check out the bezzera coffee machine for sale online for some great prices on high quality espresso machines.

2. Food Delivery Services
The price point for food delivery service is often more expensive than buying it yourself and preparing it, but often when you take into consideration the time spent at the grocery store, searching for recipes, preparing the food, cleaning up – well it adds up fast and depending on how you value your time, you might find it more economical to have a food delivery service. There are so many available online, from a simple grocery delivery service that saves you the hassle of going to the supermarket every week, right through to a full preparation, packaging and delivery service. I personally find food delivery services a lifesaver when life is busy, so that I can focus on what’s really important to me. Check out freedomjars.com or where to buy herbs online.

3. Wine Delivery
Wine is a wonderful thing to have in your house just incase you have visitors show up unexpectedly and you want to be able serve them a delicious drink. Likewise in a pinch it can make a wonderful gift to take to a friend’s birthday or special occasion. I enjoy using red wine when I’m cooking and so always like to have at least a few bottles of wine on hand. It’s one of those things I tend to forget when I’m in the grocery store, so having a regular delivery service helps ensure I always have a few emergency bottles on hand. You can choose a wine pack to suit your budget and needs and know that it will regularly come. I personally find ordering wine online to be better value than trying to find good deals in the supermarket where the range is limited.

What things do you prefer to buy online? Let me know in the comments below.



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