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Are you the owner or manager of a commercial business? Then chances are you’re going to want to think about whether you have these four things that are – in my opinion – essential for operating a successful commercial business.

1. Good Infrastructure
You don’t want to skimp on infrastructure, this is going to be the bones of your business and if you’re dealing with customers you don’t want to risk their happiness in order to save a few pennies. For example if you’re a hotel operating somewhere where it gets extremely cold in the winter, then one of your real concerns will be how to maintain hot water during the coldest part of the year when there is a frost outside. If your pipes are not heat insulated or heated, they can run the risk of freezing over, running your water supply and costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. If your business operates somewhere that has regular power cuts due to storms, it also might be worth investing in solar energy to help minimise the risk of power failure.

2. Smart Payment Solutions
How you receive your payments will make a big difference in how your company operates. I personally struggle with companies who will only accept certain payment types or charge substantial fees for paying with credit cards. If you make it difficult for your clients to pay, chances are they’re not going to feel good about working with you and are unlikely to return again. Check out for some interesting payment products that might help streamline your business.

3. A Good Environment
Creating a good environment is one of the most important things you can do for your commercial business. You want to employ staff that are happy to come into work, that feel valued and respected and also know that the company will take care of them. Fostering staff moral should be one of your priorities and a few investments each year can ensure that your employees are happy to work for you and not spending their work days scrolling job postings. Here are some things that I think make a big difference to ensuring your staff are happy to be at work: room to grow, remembering their birthdays, having fun social events such as Christmas parties, being flexible and understanding with their personal commitments and allowing open communication so that your employees can alert you to any issues they might be having in the workforce. Fostering a good environment in your commercial business will not only help with staff retention, improve productivity and build a wonderful community, the benefit effects will also pass down into how your staff interact with your clients, potentially resulting in more repeat business, heightened sales, more referrals and happier clients. It’s win-win all around.

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